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Greece – A Photo Recap

Hello Everyone! Before I get too behind, I wanted to be sure to post some pictures from my trip to Greece. The whole vacation was amazing and I can’t wait to write all about it. I want to make sure I take the time to do it right, though, so it will come soon! And now…some pictures from the trip!


Athens was the first stop and my favorite. There was so much history and beauty all around, and I’m glad we started and ended our trip here. We only had one full day here, but we packed it with everything we could. First, the National Archeological Museum.


We got to the museum as soon as it opened and it took a few hours to walk through all of the exhibits. It houses important artifacts from a variety of archeological locations around Greece. We used Rick Steves’ audio tour and it made it so much better. He walked you through the museum and explained a little about what you were seeing. If you stop here, I definitely recommend downloading his app!



Then we moved on to the Ancient Agora. Here, we bought a pass that allowed entry to the major monuments including the Acropolis. It is 30 Euro, unless you’re a student where it is only 15 Euro. This pass got us into the Ancient Agora, the Acropolis, Zeus’ Temple and would have gotten us into more if we were there longer. The pass is good for five consecutive days and also gets you into the Roman Agora, Hadrian’s Library, ¬†Kerameikos, and the Archaeological Site of Lykeion.








Mykonos was more of a party/beach island, which made for a nice relaxing time in the middle of the trip. We took a day trip to Delos and it was one of my favorite things we did during our adventure! We walked the colorful streets and visited the shops. Ate our weight in greek salads and gelato, as well as took in the windmills. It was a pretty island where the streets were a maze and we had fun finding our way through them.


Santorini was my favorite island. The first day we arrived, we hiked from Fira (where we were staying) to Oia. It was about a 6 mile trek along the coast and we got to see beautiful sights along the way. Oia is on the west side of the island, so this is where you go to see the most amazing sunsets. We lucked out and found a restaurant where we were able to enjoy a delicious meal and see it set right in front of us.

The next two days were filled with tours taking us around the island and to the islands surrounding Santorini. We went to the red beach, ate lunch on a black sand beach, sampled wines at Santo Wines, hiked a volcano, jumped in a thermal spring, ate dinner on a pirate boat, and watched the sunset as we coasted back to port. Our time here was pretty amazing.

I’ll be posting more details about the places and things that we saw in Greece in the next couple weeks, but I hope you enjoyed this brief recap!

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