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Traveling with Dogs

Home For The Holidays: A Road Trip Planning Guide

This year Jordan, Flynn and I are packing up our car and driving from Connecticut to Nebraska for the holidays. This will be our first time driving back since we moved out here and it will be an experience. And we’re bringing Flynn along for the ride. The longest time that Flynn has spent in the car is about three hours and he got sick on the way… This trip all together will be around twenty hours. Gulp.

I plan by making sure I meet all of the needs of the people I travel with first. I have found that when everyone around me is comfortable and not complaining, then I’m comfortable and not stressing and I am very good at stressing. In order to keep Jordan and Flynn content on this trip, I created a list of things I will need to prepare. Let me know if you can think of anything that I should add!

1. Pack Flynn’s Bed

Flynn has trouble getting comfortable sometimes so I am planning on having on seat up and the other two down in order to fit his bed and all of our luggage. That way he can choose to sit at the window or fall asleep where he feels safe!

2. Pack chew toys that won’t make my seat gross

I am definitely going to have a bag of goodies for Flynn that have nothing to do with sticky, smelly bone getting stuck to my seats. We have hard plastic bones and toys that I will keep on hand for him.

3. Be ready to make stops every few hours

This will just make it easier on everyone. I hate sitting for hours on end and if we’re able to get out and stretch our legs every few hours, it should make it easier.

4. Bring enough food and water for both days, plus some

We will be driving during the winter, so you never know if the worst may happen. I like to be prepared and hope for the best. I’ll be packing a couple of coolers for Jordan and me full of sandwiches, fruits, veggies, and water. I’ll bring Flynn’s food and treats as well as extra water. I’m also planning on filling the waters when we get to rest stops, too.

5. Download audio books, music, and movies!

I have started putting together playlists for different moods throughout the trip. Audio books are a great way to pass the time and keep entertained. Same goes for movies. You have to be prepared with the essentials! 🙂

6. Pack extra blankets

Along the same vein as #4. It’s better to be prepared, gosh dang it!

7. Have a separate bag set aside for the night

Instead of hauling all of our luggage into the hotel when we stop for the night, I’m bringing a bag for us that just has what we’ll need for the night. That way we can find a hotel, check in, grab our bag, and we’re set!

I’m hoping this trip goes by smoothly and doesn’t actually feel like 20+ hours.

Do you have any suggestions before this two-day trip? I would love to hear them!

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  • Reply Jordan Franklin

    My comments on the items above after being a participant on said trip:
    1. Flynn’s Bed – the guy loved this and made his ride much more enjoyable. It was much better than just laying in the seat. Keep it on the list.

    2. Non-Gross Chew Toys – Flynn didn’t eat any treats on the way there or back. He was too busy being stress or too stress to be awake.

    3. Stop All the Time – We stopped every 2 hours or so and this was nice for the pup and the boyfriend. Its nice to stretch your legs, let the puppy get some water and pee, and switch when we were tired.

    4. Bring enough food – I made Greek Orzo Salad for the way there and Packed some tamales for the way back which hit the spot. I usually don’t eat on these kind of long hauls or trip because I don’t have the appetites until all the sudden I am hungry, but this time I munched a little along the way and felt better when I arrived both ways. Drinking lots of water was good too, especially combined with the rest stops. I bought a pack of water before leaving a left it in the back footwell, which was perfect for hydration. No need for buying anything from gas stations or fast food.

    5. Audio books, music, and movies – These were great supplement. I tried doing homework – not very successful. A couple movies including Lego movie and some Star Trek, some Jessica curated playlists, the Nebraska football game, and Laura Grahams’ I’m talking as fast as I can made for some good media consumption.

    6. Pack extra blankets – We didn’t pack these, but it ended up okay. Jessica had a big blanket scarf and our fur hooded Craighopper Jackets were enough.

    7. Overnight bag – Never used it; we went straight through. We thought about it both times, but just wanted to get there and back.

    For a 20+ hour car trip and a guy that doesn’t like to be in anyone one place that long, it wasn’t bad. Good company might have a lot to do with it too.

    January 2, 2017 at 12:54 am
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