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Halfway Through My 25th Year

As I am halfway through my 25th year, I’ve taken some time to reflect. When I turned 25, I had a lot of different things happening. I was traveling to Ireland with Jordan and his family, I had a job interview in Colorado, Jordan had an interview in California, we adopted a puppy, and had moved into a new apartment. There were so many possibilities and changes that 25 looked like it was going to be my year. And in many ways, it has been.

Manitou Springs Incline  Rescue pup  The Blarney Castle

The job interviews didn’t amount to anything, Ireland was beautiful and made me so thankful for Jordan and his family, Flynn is a new, incredible part of our family, and I made a lot of discoveries about myself.

1. You need to know your self-worth.

I don’t know what it was about turning 25 but I realized that I deserve more for myself. Whether that be career wise, education wise, or relationship wise- knowing your self-worth is going to change the way you look at everything. If you allow someone to give you less, they’re going to. Once you know what you want and what you deserve, you will start getting it and feeling better about yourself and your choices. Yeah, you’re going to fail sometimes…and that is so amazing! It means that you tried and you have learned. It adds to your self-worth.

2. It is okay to be cautious but don’t lose your curiosity.

Traveling to different places scared me. I loved the idea of it and knew that I wanted to visit different countries and cultures, but a part of me was a little hesitant. Then one day, when I was driving to work and thinking about where I would rather be going, it clicked. It’s okay to be cautious when you’re experiencing new things because they’re new, but don’t let that stop you from going. Embrace it.

hiking with dogs funny dog Hiking with dogs

3. Waking up early isn’t that bad.

Ever since adopting Flynn, I have been waking up earlier than I normally would. And I haven’t died! I’m still a functioning member of society! This guy takes so much energy and has taught me so much in the five months that we’ve had him. Since I have to wake up with him fairly early to take him on a walk, I have realized that early mornings can be nice. I feel a sense of accomplishment because I am able to get more things done! I started exercising in the morning, I’ve enjoyed going on walks in the early fog, and being able to drink coffee while everyone else is still asleep. It’s been a great way for me to relax before the day begins.

Bring Your Boo Pure Barre Class Drive to Pure Barre

4. Group fitness can be a good way to stay on track.

Pure Barre changed the way I thought about group fitness. I have never been a dancer and I spend most of my time looking at the instructor trying to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing in cases. But Pure Barre is different. The moves are challenging and the instructors are encouraging. I find myself pushing past where I would normally give up because the music makes me feel like you can go forever. Jordan even came one night and can attest that it’s a great workout. It even got me out of the apartment while it was still dark in the morning to make it to class before work.

5. Stop spending money on things and spend it on experiences.

I decided that I would work more on saving and only spending on certain parts of my life- such as Flynn, fitness, and travel. Making sure that my pup is taken care of and happy is one of the most important things to me. Experiences and memories are worth more in the long run than having material items.

So far, I think my 25th year has been pretty great. It’s been a year of growth for me. I’m excited to see where I’ll be in the next six months. I have a feeling 26 is going  to be great, too.

Until next time!


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