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Finding Comfort in Connecticut

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When Jordan and I first moved to Connecticut, we thought it was so great. We would drive to all of the new places that were now within our grasp. We would go to New York, Massachusetts, Vermont or New Hampshire almost every weekend exploring our new home. After about eight months, our rose-colored glasses started getting a little foggy. We noticed small things about Connecticut itself. Boston was perfect and New Hampshire was beautiful. New York City had its appeal and the mountains were so close. But Connecticut? Eh. We tried to looked past it; I mean, everything is within a two and a half hour drive! That is so much better than driving eight to ten hours to get to Colorado from Nebraska. Right?

The trips to different states and different places started becoming few and far between. We lived in a part of Connecticut where we had to drive half an hour to get anywhere. Our apartment was tiny. The people were unfriendly. They left their shopping carts in the middle of parking spots when the cart return was right next to it! What type of madness was this?! But we weren’t just going to take this as our new way of life.


We bounced around to different towns, trying to find the right place to live. Moving every year when our lease was up can get frustrating within itself. We couldn’t find a place that felt right for us. We got out of our apartment as much as possible, driving to different parts of Connecticut and enjoying the beauty it did offer. It took us five moves in three years to find somewhere that we enjoy.

IMG_1033 IMG_1027

Now, over three years in, I think we found a place that will work for the time being. We have more space, our apartment is nice, everything we need is within a ten minute drive, and we have a dog. This new apartment was the turning point for us. We moved in May, adopted Flynn in June, and have gotten our passion for exploration back. Every weekend we try to go hiking somewhere new. We’re taking advantage of what is around us and taking our pup on adventures. He loves the outdoors just as much if not more than we do. It’s amazing what can happen to your life when you finally find the right change.

No, I still don’t think this is where we’re going to end up living for the rest of our lives. We would like to be closer to family, have a house that we don’t have to pay a small fortune for, and have a lower cost of living.

All of this transitioning and moving has taught me a few valuable lessons, though.

  • Even though you aren’t happy where you are at that moment doesn’t mean it will be that way forever
  • When you are feeling low, get out and explore the beauty around you
  • Realize that your situation doesn’t have to be permanent
  • Take advantage of what is around you while you can; chances are when you move there will be things you will miss
  • Adopt a dog 🙂 – even though this has been stressful itself, Flynn has made my life 100x better

There’s nothing saying that you have to stay unhappy. There are so many things you can do to try to get out of your funk. You just have to find what works for you. Take a step back and realize that things can change if you want them to. Set goals and take steps to get yourself moving in the right direction.

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