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How Iceland Won My Heart – Day 4 Snæfellsnes

Day Four was full of learning experiences (day one found here; days two and three found here).

After waking up and eating a delicious breakfast, yet again, we decided that this would be the day we would explore Iceland by ourselves. There was a car rental company right down the street from Kex. We didn’t have a reservation but we were still able to rent an automatic SUV for a decent cost! I can’t remember how much it was but it didn’t break the bank. We ended up with a Jeep Patriot and it seemed to fit the adventurous spirit of our trip. Renting a car in Iceland came with a lot more warnings than we were used to such as: be aware that  gas stations are few and fare between, for the most part there will only be one road to take, and don’t drive on glaciers. This last tidbit is very important.

img_1361On the roadimg_1322

We were out the door and on the road in no time and we were so excited to see Iceland at our own pace. We had decided to head out towards Snæfellsnes as we knew this would be a beautiful area. The drive was so open and you could see for miles. Driving by the open fields with the volcanos in the background made it feel like we were on a different planet. We would pass small churches along the way and stop and took pictures every few miles. We couldn’t help it; it was so unreal!

Snæfellsnes churchimg_1262

Our first stop once we made it to our destination was to explore near this church and the coast. We probably spent a good two hours hiking around and took in the beauty around us.

Snæfellsnes glacier

We made it to a glacier and decided to stop and explore. There is a crevasse in that big rock in the picture above that is full of bats. It definitely reminded me of Batman Begins and kind of creeped me out. We headed out, excited to see more. Until we got stuck.

We thought we would be able to drive up the glacier a little more to get a better view. When we drove up a little ways, our tires started to spin under us so we decided that wasn’t a good idea. We began backing up but Jordan couldn’t tell where the road was and where the snow started. We backed up a little too far and were in a ditch. I tried not to panic. I got out of the car and with a little momentum from pushing the car, we were able to get back on the road. We couldn’t believe our luck.

Jordan started driving again but I noticed he was going off the road again. He thought that where he was heading was the road. I was in the passenger seat speaking loudly saying something along the lines of, “Jordan don’t go that waydon’tgothatwaynonono” and then our whole car was in the snow. Again, I tried not to panic. The rental company told us not to drive on glaciers! THIS IS WHAT THEY WERE WARNING US ABOUT! Don’t panic, don’t panic, we can get out of this. Luckily, a car drove up and said they had a similar situation and were willing to help us. About two hours later, we were out of the glacier.

A little more banged up and shaken than when we began but okay and NOT IN A GLACIER ANYMORE! After that fun excursion, we were trying really hard not to let it bring us down. However, we did decide that maybe this adventure in Snæfellsnes was done and that we should head back to Reykjavik. We were sure that we broke the car in some way after driving over volcano rocks to get out of the glacier. There is no way we could have came out of this unscathed. The rental company was closed when we arrived. Okay, okay, that’s fine. Let’s leave the car in the parking lot and bring the keys over in the morning before our snorkeling trip. It was all going to work out.

Still filled with worry, we returned to our hostel, ate dinner, and tried to relax. I turned to Jordan while we were eating and said, “remember that time we got stuck on a glacier?” We let out a small chuckle, ready to put it behind us for the day. We weren’t going to feel completely relieved until we heard back from the car rental company that everything checked out.

Getting ready for the next day and planning the return of the keys, we checked our itinerary. Snorkeling in the Silfra fissure. There would be a small window before the shuttle came to pick us up and when the car rental company would open. Jordan would run over to return the keys while I told the shuttle driver that he would be right there. We had a plan. It was going to work!

We went to sleep  looking forward to knowing our fate with the rental company and being able to snorkel in Iceland. We woke up with fresh eyes and ready to have a leisurely morning.  That is, until we heard the shuttle driver calling our names two hours earlier than we were expecting.

Next up: Snorkeling in the Silfra Fissure

Until next time!


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