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The Adventure Begins with an Internship

A little over three years ago, I packed up my life into my car and drove over 1,300 miles to start a life after college. I left my family and friends behind me and headed toward an area that I had never visited and knew next to nothing about. A place where it would take me 23 hours to drive back home. With my life in boxes and my mom as my co-pilot, we set off on my first real adventure. A pit in my stomach but the road ahead of me, I was as ready as I could be for this next step.



My boyfriend was offered a job and I accepted an internship in Connecticut. Jordan was traveling with his parents before he started his job. So it was just me and my mom in Colchester Connecticut to begin with. She stayed with me for about two weeks while I got settled in, and I am so grateful for that. She helped me with the transition and it was nice to have her with me while I was starting such a new chapter in my life.

However, once she left I had to figure it out myself. It was just me, my internship, my online classes, and a one room efficiency at the local Inn. No income, no friends close by, and no time to do much outside of classes and interning. It took some adjusting, but in the end I had done some pretty cool things. I executed an event from the ground up, graduated college, and had a new life on the East Coast.

Jordan joined me in Connecticut in August and we were happy to live in the same state for once after four years a part. My internship had also paid off in the form of a part-time job. In February, Jordan and I moved in together. We were starting to build a life in this new place.


Fast forward to now and we have moved and to five different apartments in three years, traveled to different countries, visited new states, and adopted a new puppy! It has been a whirlwind of an adventure so far. There have been lots of laughs, frustrations, learning, and joys but I have loved every bit of it. I wonder what else is in store. 🙂

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